2014 - quite a year 

Sitting here on Christmas Eve I have the luxury of am off on my month long trip to Uganda.  Hopefully I will be able to update my adventures here as I go along... please keep visiting to see how I get on!  It will be a lack of internet connection and electricity that prevent the updates! 


Looking forward to update you on my travels... 


So.. it's November 8th and the day before I set off.  I am bored by the ironing, resigned to the month of malaria tablets ahead and cross with British Airways who have decided they are going to charge £50 to sit in an emergency exit seat (more leg room)!  I've just found an interesting link to someone's blog about going on a coffee safari - this is something we have discussed several times and I'm pleased it is in the front of my mind for this trip.  Would love to know your thoughts on that (probably via facebook is easiest:  facebook.com/seedsfordevelopment or twitter @aliseeds)


My trip is starting (so it should be 24 hours before I go) to come together!  I know that on Sunday I will be in Mukono meeting up with friends to plot and plan.  Monday, I head off to the north with the Send a Cow team - not sure if I'm going to Lira or Gulu or both... I can't quite believe how laid back I am about not having any plans.  You see, I am a control freak and like to know what I'm doing and when.  Maybe it's because I have a whole 5 weeks of Uganda ahead of me.  Loads of coffee farmers, hundreds of Seeds for Development farmers and a bunch of schools as well.  I wonder if I'll see an elephant.  Now back to the ironing.