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Little girl at blackboard in Parabongo northern Uganda



Our pride and joy


Lamin Pic Nursery school is one of the three Forgotten People's nursery schools that we support by paying the teachers' salaries and providing porridge to the children.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Rotary Clubs in Farnham, St Peter's Church in Wrecclesham and other many friends and supporters, we have built a new nursery school.

Schools reopened on January 10th and we are so happy to share this video of the children starting the school year in their brand new school.

Nge Kidi Nursery School near Kitgum in northern Uganda


Nge Kidi is a small village about 10 kilometres from the town of Kitgum.

Forgotten People's Projects have supported this community for many years and in 2015 we also started to support the village nursery school.

There are about 60 children who attend this school and they come from extremely poor families.

Our monthly contribution helps pay the teachers' salaries and ensures that every child has a cup of hot porridge every day.

We also support farming projects in Nge Kidi

Paibwor Nursery School and 3 students near Kitgum in northern Uganda


The people in Paibwor take the education of their children very seriously.  Every community suffered badly in the war, but Paibwor especially so. The people are still really struggling as they rebuild their lives and provide for their families.

Forgotten People's Projects have supported the school and community for more than a decade and we started supporting them in 2015, after visiting Paibwor and meeting the people there.

Our contribution helps pay the teachers and provide a cup of hot porridge to every child.

They are ambitious and want to extend the school to primary level.

Seeds for Development Otici school


This is St Peter's Nursery School in Otici.


We have supported the people of Otici for nearly 10 years and their leader Simon has said from the beginning that they dream of having a nursery school.


Starting out in a mud hut the size of a family home, the school has grown into this beautiful building made from local materials.


There are more than 140 children who attend and we support the school by making a monthly contribution, which is used to pay staff salaries and provide the children with a cup of hot porridge every day.


The school gives the children the best start in life and now the community are planning to develop it into a primary school.

Seeds for Development Uganda school


Vision Hope was the first nursery school we got involved with.  It is located neaer Parabongo, the first community we started working with.


Starting out as a mud hut, it quickly developed into a thriving nursery school.  It was moved to a new location further from the centre.

Unfortunately this was not a successful project and the nursery is now more of a "branch" school to the Parabongo nursery school that we are building. 

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