Seeds for Development

We are so excited to be part of GlobalGiving UK's Gateway Crowdfunding Challenge!


So what is the challenge?

The Challenge is to raise at least £2,500 from at least 50 donors in 5 weeks, between 14 November and 19 December 2016.

The project raising most funds will receive a £1,500 bonus prize; the second place fundraiser will get £1,000, and the third will gain £500. The project with the highest number of unique donors will also gain a bonus of £500.

So what is our project for 'the challenge'?

Our project will provide lunch, for a year, to 400 nursery children, mostly orphans, who would normally not eat all day long. Northern Uganda was devastated by a brutal 20 year war, where thousands of children were abducted, tortured, raped and forced to commit atrocities such as killing their own families. These children are now parents and, having lost everything, are unable to care for or feed their children, leaving them to forage in the wild for insects and plants to survive.

Please find project details here and see how to help provide lunch for 400 children at our Vision Hope Nursery School for one year.