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85 year old man sitting under the mango tree

Oryem Elizeo is 85 years old.  Every day he sits under the mango tree waiting for the mangoes to drop to the ground.  That is his food for the day.

The mango season is coming to an end and Elizeo wonders what he will eat when that happens.

In his hut he has 3 eggs and a metal bowl with four pieces of sweet potatoes.

Elizeo is one of 172 people in the same situation in 4 of the villages we support.  We call them "The Vulnerables".  Everyone we support is vulnerable, but these people are elderly, disabled, looking after orphans and really struggling to survive.  So they have a special vulnerable status with us.

To help them get through the month have bought and distributed 10kgs of maize to each person. This will keep them going for around 10 days.

June is always the hungry month, but this year it is especially bad.

85 year old man sitting on ground with mangoes and maize

Here are some of the other people who have received food.

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