Questions and Answers


We are being asked many questions about our appeal and the Malaria situation on the ground.  We will try and answer them all and keep track of them here. Please do keep asking and do get in touch either by Twitter @aliseeds or email


Why is this happening now?  Surely they always have Malaria?
23/07/15 - Yes Malaria is endemic in Uganda and everyone lives with it and it comes around every rainy season.
Our current understanding is that there are two key reasons why it is so bad now.


1. The people do not have mosquito nets.

2. The government programme where the homes were regularly sprayed, to protect the famlies from mosquitos and Malaria, was stopped last year.


What is the situation on the ground?


26/07/15 - On July 23rd the Ugandan paper The New Vision announced "NEARLY 375,000 people in 10 districts in northern Uganda have been hit by Malaria in the last three months, killing 165, Parliament has heard.".  You can read more here:  New Vision Article



23/07/15 - we have seen no official updates since the announcement on Wednesday 15th July when The Director General of Health Services said a total of 22,873 cases had been registered in the districts, with 162 confirmed deaths.  We talked to Uganda last night and they said the situation is worsening every day.  Yesterday alone at our school 5 children were rushed to hospital and at another remote primary school in Otici they found 15 children lying on the ground in the school compound very sick.


Is there medicine available for the people?


23/07/15 Yes and no. In the public health clinics in the villages the medicine has run out.  You can buy it from private vendors (chemists).  In the hospitals in the towns there is medication but you have to wait a long time to get it.  We heard that in Kitgum it is up to 3 days.




What exactly are you going to do?


23/07/15  We are going to do 2 key things:


1. Work with the community so they are educated on:

Why they must use the nets in the correct way.

How to keep their homesteads free from standing water.

The importance of home hygeine and sanitation - to prevent other diseases coming.

How to slash and clear their homes from all vegetation around their huts.


2. Distribute 2,000 treated mosquito nets to 2,000 families once they have received the training.  You can sleep 5 children under one net.


Why are you doing this when you are not a medical charity?


23/07/15 One of the things we are proudest of is that we listen to the farmers and respond to their needs - we do not tell them what we think they should be doing.  These are people we have worked with since 2008 and we care deeply about them.  They came to us crying out for help to stop this disease and protect their children.


A key part of this campaign is to educate the people on the things they can do to stay safe.  We have taught them to grow vegetables in their front gardens, now we must teach them how to cut everything back.  We have taught them to wash their hands and have tip-taps outside their toilets. Now we must teach them to ensure there is no standing water.


Distributing nets is the secondary part of what we are doing and is an obvious thing to do - if YOU our supporters are happy to support us in saving lives.

What are their homes like?


23/07/15  Why not take a look for yourself.  This short video (filmed a year ago) takes you into Florence's home. You will see that there is no bed or mattress and certainly no mosquito net. In fact there is nothing to protect Florence and her babies from the outside world. Florence needs to be told to have no water in her house to attract mosquitos.


Why are you fundraising with JustGiving?


26/07/15  We know that JustGiving charge a fee and it is probably not the ideal way to fundraise. BUT - they take care of all of the Gift Aid for us and make it incredibly easy to give and receive money.  You don't have to donate through JustGiving.  We would love your cash and cheques - which can be made payable to and sent to Seeds for Development, 2 Juniper Cottage, The Common, Shalford, Surrey, GU4 8DA.


The monthly fee from JustGiving does not come out of donations - it is kindly paid by someone as their personal donation to Seeds.


Finally - there are only 3 of us running Seeds and it takes so much time to set up new accounts with other organisations.  If you would like to help us do this, we would be most grateful!