In 2012, 280 farmers received 100 Robusta coffee seedlings each, which they are growing on half an acre of land

The farmers were taught how to prepare their land, plant and care for the coffee.  This is the beginning of the ongoing story of our Robusta Coffee pilot project to see if coffee grows well in the challenging environment of northern Uganda. 

We are also working with farmers in the West Nile region (about 3 hours away!) where they are growing Arabica.  These farmers are also beneficiaries of Seeds for Development and our goal is to sell their coffee in the UK to raise funds.  We have a dedicated website to the coffee project - 


To raise funds for our projects we sell Organic, ethical Ugandan coffee, which is roasted in Guildford by Redber Coffee.  You can help us raise funds and drink our delicious coffee by buying some coffee online here!








The farmers share their excitement when the first coffee seedlings arrived.

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