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Coronavirus is in Uganda and as of December 29th 2020 there are 34,281 recorded cases and 250 deaths.   We are taking data from the Ugandan Ministry of Health, or their Twitter account, which is updated more frequently.


Our beneficiaries are in very remote villages and challenged in different ways to those living in towns - see our Coronavirus page for details.

50% of the people in the communities we support have no food

around 400 families (2,000 people)

We are helping them feed themselves by providing cornflour to make posho and porridge (their staple food) and have created a page and fundraising campaign to do this. You can see more by clicking HERE

£2.50 (the price of a cup of coffee) will feed a family for a week

Seeds for Development works with very poor farming communities in northern Uganda

We listen to, and learn from, the farmers ensuring that we support them with what they need and not what we think they should have.

Through education, empowerment and farming, we help people rebuild their lives, and develop resilient, self-sustainable communities, after a 20 year war that raged between the rebel Lord's Resistance Army and Ugandan Government Forces.  Up to two million people spent many years living in camps for internally displaced people.  We support six communities in northern Uganda helping them move towards a happier and more hopeful life where they eat regular meals, send their children to school, build new and safer homes and set up businesses.

100% of donations go to Uganda to support our projects.

Alison Hall MBE
Seeds for Development | Enterprise
Seeds for Development Trustees Alison Hall and Penny Peters hand out seeds

Farmers receive seeds for an acre of land.

This means they can move away from subsistence farming and generate income for their families.

Alison Hall MBE meets the farmers in northern Uganda