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Nursery Schools

What we are doing


We support five nursery schools in the farming communities where we work. We are ensuring the youngest children get the best start in life, despite their terrible circumstances.  

We make a monthly donation to each school, which helps pay the salaries of teachers and cooks in each school.


We also provide a cup of hot porridge to every child attending the nursery schools (and sometimes their brothers and sisters as well).

Putuke New School May 2021.jpeg


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Lamin Pic Nursery school is one of the three Forgotten People's nursery schools that we support by paying the teachers' salaries and providing porridge to the children.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Rotary Clubs in Farnham, St Peter's Church in Wrecclesham and other many friends and supporters, we have built a new nursery school.


Next on the agenda is to build new loos, a kitchen and a house for the head teacher.


St Peter's Nursery School in Otici is an inspiration.  Otici is a long way away from anywhere and in the rainy season can almost be cut off. 


We support the school by paying for teachers and providing porridge to the childen.  

We also exploring ways of helping the teenagers and young adults who missed out on an education because of the war.  At the moment we informally support a sewing school.


Nge Kidi is the third nursery run by Forgotten People's Projects.

We support it by paying the salary of 2 teachers and a cook and providing porridge to all the children.


Paibwor nursery is another Forgotten People's Projects school.

We support it by paying the salary of 2 teachers and a cook and providing porridge to all the children.


Vision Hope was the first nursery school we supported.  It started out in this mud hut and now the parents have built a new school near to the original site.  We are less involved today than at the beginning but still continue to support the school with porridge and paying for 2 teachers.

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