Welcome to Seeds for Development

Seeds for Development is a small charity supporting the poorest people in Uganda to kick poverty out of their lives through farming.

It started in 2007 with an idea to help one family get out of grinding poverty. Today, we support more than 1,600 farming families (around 16,000 people), working with them to move towards a happier and more hopeful life where they eat regular meals, send their children to school, build new and safer homes and even set up businesses.

We advance funds to farmers groups so they can buy seeds, tools and even wellington boots! This is paid back at the end of the season when the crops are harvested and sold. The money is then used by the group as a collective fund.  A bit like micro-finance without money, interest or risk!

We listen to, and learn from, the farmers ensuring that we support them with what they need and not what we think they should have.

100% of donations go to Uganda and support the farmers. Seeds are not expensive, so our funds go a long way. For example, £35 will pay for bean seeds to cover one acre – the farmer can make over £300 from that acre of beans.

Thanks to you, we now support more than 1,600 farming families.


Our founder Alison is just back from a month long visit to all of our projects.  The coffee is doing well and we are responding to requests here in the UK to sell it.  Please visit our sister website to find out more about this ambitious projeact:  www.happycoffeebean.com

The groups are doing so well that we discussed setting up new groups who the experienced groups will mentor and pass on the knowledge and skills they have learned over the last few years.

Please visit us on Facebook, where we add lots of updates! www.facebook.com/seedsfordevelopment

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