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Little girl at a blackboard in Parabongo northern Uganda


We build and support the running of nursery schools in the villages we support. The poorest, youngest children now have a head start to their education and will be ready to face the world when they go on to Primary School.  Parents are able to focus on farming and other family members as their children are learning and receiving lunch every day.


We make a monthly contribution to each school. This helps pay salaries and provide a cup of hot porridge to all the children at school (and sometimes their brothers and sisters as well).

Each term the villages identify around 10 children who, because their parents are so poor, are not going to Primary School.  We help out with their small fee (about £8 a term per child) and now more than 50 children are at school after being sent home because they couldn't pay.  

Thanks to the huge generosity of friends and supporters, 14 bright children are sponsored to go to boarding school and benefit from an excellent education.  You can find out more about the school sponsorship scheme here. 

Why this is important

Schools destroyed, a whole generation missing out on an education and skills lost due to so many people being killed during the war has left thousands of people scratching around to grow enough food to keep their family alive. Children who do go to school don't eat during the day and many drop out of school at a very young age, especially girls and especially when they have their periods meaning they miss one week a month.


Parabongo Peace and Learning Nursery School


The Peace and Learning Centre Nursery School is the first building in the new Peace and Learning Centre.


This huge and exciting project is making a dream come true for the LRA Survivors, a group of elderly people who for years have wanted a centre to remember those who died in the war and to teach the children so it never happens again.

Since digging the foundations in May 2022, we have, brick by brick, worked alongside the community in Parabongo to build this wonderful school

You can find out more about the larger project here.

Seeds for Development Otici school


This is St Peter's Nursery School in Otici.


We have supported the people of Otici for nearly 10 years and their leader Simon has said from the beginning that they dream of having a nursery school.


Starting out in a mud hut the size of a family home, the school has grown into this beautiful building made from local materials.


There are more than 140 children who attend and we support the school by making a monthly contribution, which is used to pay staff salaries and provide the children with a cup of hot porridge every day.


The school gives the children the best start in life and now the community are planning to develop it into a primary school.

SfD Lamin Lawino Nursery School


This is the Sunflower Nursery School in Lamin Lawino.  

Lamin Lawino is the home of The Breakaways and the nursery school is the latest of their innovations and we are helping them.

The farmers grew sunflowers and crops from the seeds provided by Seeds for Development.  They paid back the monetary value of the seeds received and used the money to buy the iron sheets for their school.  The community then made the bricks and we are helping with the expensive things like concrete, doors and windows.

The Sunflower Nursery School is a wonderful beacon of hope to this community, which is about 3 kms from the nearest trading centre and primary school.

Putuke nursery.JPG


Lamin Pic Nursery school is one of the three Forgotten People's nursery schools that we support by paying the teachers' salaries and providing porridge to the children.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Rotary Clubs in Farnham, St Peter's Church in Wrecclesham and other many friends and supporters, we have built a new nursery school building.

In the morning the school is used by the nursery school and there are around 100 children registered. 

In the afternoon the school is used by the youth and young people in the village as a Skills Learning Centre.  The students learn hairdressing, tailoring and other skills that will help them earn money and care for their families.

Nge Kidi nursery school near Kitgum in northern Uganda


Nge Kidi is a small village about 10 kilometres from the town of Kitgum.

Forgotten People's Projects have supported this community for many years and in 2015 we also started to support the village nursery school.

There are about 60 children who attend this school and they come from extremely poor families.

Our monthly contribution helps pay the teachers' salaries and ensures that every child has a cup of hot porridge every day.

We also support farming projects in Nge Kidi

Paibwor Nursery school and 3 students in northern Uganda


The people in Paibwor take the education of their children very seriously.  Every community suffered badly in the war, but Paibwor especially so. The people are still really struggling as they rebuild their lives and provide for their families.

Forgotten People's Projects have supported the school and community for more than a decade and we started supporting them in 2015, after visiting Paibwor and meeting the people there.

Our contribution helps pay the teachers and provide a cup of hot porridge to every child.

They are ambitious and want to extend the school to primary level.


When we visit the nursery schools we find children who stand out from the crowd.  They might sing louder, dance more freely or just shine brightly amongst the class. 


We were contacted by people wanting to sponsor a child and have set up a sponsorship scheme where the brightest children have the opportunity to attend an excellent boarding school.  COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the education of every child and the sponsored children have been home for a year now.

Seeds for Development sponsored children praying
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