School Projects​

Primary School sponsorship
When we visit the nursery schools we are always on the lookout for children that stand out from the crowd.  They might sing louder, dance more freely or just shine brightly amongst the class.  We have been contacted by people wanting to sponsor a child and so have set up a sponsorship scheme where the brightest children have the opportunity to attend one of the best primary schools in the country.  It is Mukono-Boarding-Primary School and run by our wonderful friend Susan Wamala.  We currently have 12 sponsored children and you can read more about the project by clicking here.
The challenge


Schools destroyed, a whole generation missing out on an education and skills lost due to so many people being killed during the war has left thousands of people scratching around to grow enough food to keep their family alive. Children who do go to school don't eat during the day and many drop out of school at a very young age, especially girls and especially when they have their periods meaning they miss one week a month.

What we are doing


We support five nursery schools in the farming communities where we work. We are ensuring the youngest children get the best start in life, despite their terrible circumstances.  

We pay the salaries of teachers and cooks in each school.


We also provide a cup of hot porridge to every child attending the nursery schools (and sometimes their brothers and sisters as well).

The outcome

The poorest, youngest children will have a head start to their education and will be ready to face the world when they go on to Primary School.  Parents are able to focus on farming and other family members as their children are learning and receiving lunch every day.

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