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Farming as a business

Since 2008, we have supported over 3,000 farming families. In 2014 we made the decision to give greater support to fewer people and now concentrate our efforts on 6 communities and 12 groups of farmers. In 2018 more than 200 farmers received seed to grow an acre of beans or maize, which they will sell to the schools we support for school lunches.  Here are some of the groups we support.  This video (5 minutes) really shows the impact we are having.

Seeds for Development Farmers and Hoes
Seeds for Development Man ploughing
Seeds for Development Parabongo

Groups we have helped

Over the years we have lent and given seeds to thousands of farming families. 


Here are some of the groups we have worked with since 2008. 

The Nighties

This group is named after Nighty, a farmer we met in 2014. When we met her, Nighty was unable to feed her family and her children were eating grass and insects to survive. She had no possessions other than one saucepan and a 7 litre jerry can.  


In this video, she explains how she moved from that to where she is today - leading a group of other people in her situation and transforming lives herself.

We always look for people in the most need and had never met anyone quite like Nighty before. Her transformation is inspirational and drives us to continue to help as many other Nighties as we can.

Grass thatched hut in beautiful and clean compound with flowers
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