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COVID meant that we couldn't travel to Uganda for more than two years. It was horrible and we felt completely out of touch with what was happening. During the long evenings we turned to technology and started using Google to map where the farmers were living. We immediately noticed that the basemap imagery was completely out of date, in some places nearly 4 years old. Some is now updated but so much is still out of date - Some Google imagery is from 2016.


One thing led to another and we are now really excited to be embracing technology and use Esri software to map where the vulnerable people are and also where the different crops are being grown.  To do this we bought smart phones for the key people on the ground and, when we finally made it back to Uganda we taught them how to use the Survey123 tool.  Now they send the locations of different crops.  They also send through photos and locations of the vulnerable people who receive food.

A huge thank you to Helen Mazalon from Alcis who has created an interactive dashboard showing which crops are growing where and also the location of the vulnerable people receiving our food. ​

Geospatial Technology and GIS

Interactive Dashboard

If you are looking at this on a mobile phone, click here to see the original - it looks much better!


It is early days for us and our adoption of this amazing technology that is a massive game changer.  This Esri story map, created together with Alcis, demonstrates how we are using the technology and shows the art of the possible. We are delighted that our StoryMap was a runner up in the 2023 Esri StoryMap Competition - coming joint second! You can scroll through it below but we highly recommend that you click here to see the original (especially on a mobile phone).

Satellites and Seeds certificate.png
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