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As a tiny charity, we are able to respond very quickly to emergency situations and opportunities that come to us. These are our special projects and they range from emergency spraying of crops to building schools.

farmers holding up mosquito nets


In 2015 a terrible Malaria outbreak broke out, killing hundreds of people. 


There was no support for the families we support. 


We leaped into action and raised £10,000 to buy and distribute 2,000 mosquito nets to the most vulnerable people including children and the elderly.

Bed with mosquito net


Without our help many children would not eat during the day.  We provide a daily cup of hot porridge to all the children attending the nursery schools we support.


Around 500 children benefit from this, relieving the burden on the parents to keep their children fed and healthy. 


Please click here to find out more about our special project.

Seeds for Development porridge
Seeds for Development Uniforms

Uniforms to Uganda

In September 2021 Lanesborough School in Guildford officially changed its name to become RGS Prep.  Our trustee Penny works at the school and arranged for the old Lanesborough uniforms to be donated to Seeds for Development and taken to Uganda.

She also persuaded the school to donate all of the remaining stock of new uniforms to be donated to us as well.

After several packing and sorting sessions 49 boxes started their long journey to northern Uganda and they finally arrived in November 2022!

coffee seedling for website.jpg


In 2011 we planted robusta coffee seeds and in 2012 distributed 100 seedlings to 280 farmers.

The results were mixed, with the majority of the coffee failing to grow and mature.

However, some farmers were spectacularly successful and are now reaping the benefits, as the coffee trees produce fantastic harvests year after year.

They have started new businesses and this cash crop just keeps on giving.


Northern Uganda Sings

For thousands of years the Acholi people of northern Uganda have communicated important messages through song. Dancing and singing is central to everyone's life and whereever you go you will hear people singing.

In 2017, the musician and singer Tim Peters visited the villages we support to sing with the people in the villages.  Working with adults and children he spent 2 weeks moving from village to village. In this video the children of Nge Kidi surprised us with this little song - 2 years after Tim had visited.

Tim Peters teaching singing
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