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Seeds for Development education


Our Work

Our goal is to kick poverty out of northern Uganda and everything we do is driven by the communities we support.  We do this through Education, Farming and Empowerment.


We support nursery schools, farming projects and developing the skills of young people who missed their education because of the war or poverty.

woman in field in northern Uganda with beans on her head


Seeds for Development skills training


Seeds for Development Education

We contribute to the running of five nursery schools. 


Our monthly contribution helps pay teachers' salaries and provide every child with a cup of hot porridge.

In partnership with Forgotten People's Projects, we have recently completed the construction of a brand new nursery school in Putuke.

Seeds for Development Otici school
Seeds for Development coffee

From sending farmers for residential training courses, advancing seeds and buying the crops from the farmers to support food security we support farming families and communities move from subsistence farming to farming as a business.

We also introduce new projects, like coffee!  This is SImon with his coffee trees, which were grown from seed.

Seeds for Development farming
Woman in field looking at her maize
Simon the carpenter in his workshop in Parabongo northern Uganda
Seeds for Development tailoring

A whole generation missed out on an education because of the war.

We support local projects to teach the young adults new skills, such as sewing, carpentry and more recently speaking English.

Let's Speak English is a wonderful project where young and old together learn to speak English.  This is giving them confidence and real empowerment.

Child mothers with the paper beads they make in northern Uganda
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