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We sell it and we grow it

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Selling Coffee

Selling it

We sell coffee grown by farmers we know and crafts made by people we support.

The farmers who grow the coffee we sell are part of the Zombo Coffee Partnership in the West Nile area of northern Uganda. Some of these farmers are beneficiaries of Seeds for Development who we first met in 2013, when they received seeds from Seeds for Development. That is why we sell their coffee in the UK to raise funds for our projects.  You can read more about them here.

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Growing it

In 2012, 280 farmers each received 100 Robusta coffee seedlings

The farmers were taught how to prepare their land, plant and care for the coffee.  This was the beginning of the ongoing story of our Robusta Coffee pilot project to see if coffee grows well in the challenging environment of northern Uganda. 

For the majority of the farmers the coffee failed - mainly due to them not taking care of it.  But for the minority who succeeded the results have been unbelievable.  The Ministry of Agriculture have visited the farmers and stated that it is one of the best projects they have seen. The farmers have received hundreds more seedlings and saplings from the government.

Coffee is a cash crop and every year the farmers now have extra income that they have invested in their children's education, starting new businesses and improving their lives with new bicycles, radios and solar panels.

Growing Coffee
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