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Penny's Porridge

The Project

We provide a cup of porridge every school day for nursery school children in the the schools we support.  Without this porridge many of them would not eat during the day, especially in the dry season. Northern Uganda was devastated by a long war, where thousands of children were abducted, raped and forced to commit atrocities such as killing their own families.  These children are now parents and, having lost everything, are unable to feed their own children, leaving them to forage for insects and plants to survive.

The Problem

Imagine, you are 12 years old and your life changes forever. One night the rebels come and take you to the bush. For 4 years you are repeatedly raped and give birth to 2 babies. Finally you escape, only to be rejected by your family for having a "bush baby". You have to raise your children, when you are still a child yourself. You haven't been to school, have no home, no life skills and no money.  How can you and your children survive? There are thousands of young women like this in northern Uganda.

How we are solving the problem

We don't just hand out food to hungry children.  Our project generates income for the children's parents who are all farmers.  Seeds for Development lends them the seeds to grow the maize, which they sell to the school to feed the children. This gives them a market to sell their produce, money to pay school fees and enables them to feed their children outside of school.  Seeds for Development buys the maize for the school, from the farmers.  Our project also gives employment to the cook and brings money into the local economy. Our trustee Penny is the driving force behind fundraising for the porridge and is making a huge impact into eliminating hunger from the communities we support.

Long-term impact of this project

Today's infants are the leaders of tomorrow.  Providing them with porridge acts as the carrot to get them into school, where they are educated.  Leaving our nursery schools, they will have a head start in primary school and will grow into healthy young people who, through education, will strive for a peaceful and prosperous future for northern Uganda. As they leave our care, they are replaced with more children, so we are constantly building the foundations for future generations.

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