Coronavirus cases in Uganda are lower than many other countries and the government is taking no chances. There is a nationwide lockdown, with schools closed, shops shut and a curfew in place to keep people home.  You can travel on foot or bicycle. Food prices are so high that most people can't afford to buy food.

Wash wash wash those hands
Children are eating sorghum stalks


The government have a food scheme for people in towns and who do not grow their own food. The people we support live in remote villages and many cannot survive without some help.  So... we are helping the most vulnerable to buy maize, beans and salt from local traders. This will provide the basics and put money into the local economy helping more people get through the crisis.

One meal costs 25p and it costs around £15 to feed a family of 5 for a  week. The more money we can raise, the more families we can help.

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As soon as we saw the lockdown coming, we went out and bought soap - lots of soap! ​We have provided soap to more than 1,200 families.  We also gave them a small packet of salt.

People are eating the seeds they saved for planting and eating grass and wild plants to survive.

We listen to and learn from the farmers giving them what they need not what we think they should have.  


They have told us that they are hungry and that they need basic food supplies to survive. 


The government has now instructed that everyone must wear a face mask when they leave home.  If they don't then they risk a fine of Ugx 20,000 (about £4.50) or 6 months in prison.

The cost of a mask is Ugx 3,000 (about 65p) and we are looking at different ways of helping them get them.

We think we have an opportunity for the child mothers to make them and Pamela is looking into that.  We will then pay them to make them.

Please click on this box to help the families feed themselves.
This is Florence in Putuke village, near Kitgum delivering soap and salt to the most vulnerable people in the community.

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