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The challenge


The war meant that a whole generation of children missed out on their education and are lacking the skills to earn money and be independent. With no education or skills they have no means of moving to an independent life.  Girls fall pregnant when they are very young and the boys hang around trading centres, playing cards and getting drunk. 

What we are doing


Teaching young women - school drop outs and those who never went to school - new skills that can be used to earn money and set up tiny businesses.  Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to supply 9 sewing machines to the Child Mothers who have learned how to sew and make beautiful bags and clothes.  They also make beautiful paper beads out of recycled waste paper. 

Teaching reading and writing in English  so they can go to the bank and be treated with respect.  ​

The outcome

As will as learning the new skills, these young women now have hope, ideas and self-confidence.  They are earning money and starting to improve their lives and those of their families.  Every time we visit Uganda we buy their goods and bring them back to the UK to sell to raise funds for the projects.  

child mothers with beads
SfD paper beads
learning to make beads
Paying for the beads
Alison buying beads
Buying beads
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