Vision Hope School - "building the community we want to be"

From an idea sketched out in the dirt, we are helping the people of Lamogi subcounty achieve their dreams of building a nursery school to build the community they want to be. 

Today our nursery is made of mud but we have big plans to build a permanent school for the children

The challenge


Many of the schools in northern Uganda were destroyed during the 20 year war. If not totally destroyed, they were abandoned and and as a result lack basic facilities such as clean toilets and kitchens. Children who are lucky enough to go to school are crammed into classrooms built to accommodate 45 children. You sometimes have more than 150 in a class.  Children don't eat during the day and the number who drop out of school is extremely high.  On top of that, in the villages where we work there are no nursery schools, to give the youngest children a good start in life.


We are working with the people of Lamogi Sub-County to build a nursery school to serve the community. James Okumu is the head teacher and has called the school Vision Hope.  He says, the people have a vision of the future but lack the hope to make it happen.  So we are making it happen.

This is Daisy who has received her first school report. All 320 children will take home their report.

Our Progress


  • 320 children are registered at the school 

  • We have 6 teachers and a cook

  • Our mud-hut school is built

  • Our bamboo classrooms (2) are built

  • The first toilet block is completed

  • The brick kitchen is built

  • The children eat lunch every day (and so do another 80!)

  • The children have a smart school uniform

Watch this short video to see the impact our nursery school is having on these young children.

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Building our school

Meet some of the first children at our school


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