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New Year 2019 Honours – Alison Hall receives an MBE for services to Victims of War in Northern Uganda

28 December 2018

HM The Queen is graciously pleased to approve that Alison Hall be appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), for services to Victims of War in Northern Uganda, in the New Year 2019 Honours List.


Click on the 'read more' button to open the press release. For further information, including copies of selected letters of support for the nomination, please contact our press officer at penny.peters@seedsfordevelopment.org.

Murder under the mango tree - 21st anniversary

28 July 2017

On 28 July 1996 there was a massacre under this mango tree in a small village called Parabongo in northern Uganda. The rebels of The Lord’s Resistance Army came, murdered 22 people and abducted dozens more. On 28 July 2017, 21 years later, a memorial ceremony is being held. This will include the launch of a book that tells the world what happened on this day. Alison Hall, who met the survivors when they were in the camps in 2008, has been invited to speak at the memorial ceremony. In Alison's absence, Helen Sutton will represent Seeds for Development and read Alison's speech. Please click on the 'Read More' button, the speech can be read on the last page.

Communicating important messages through song

June 2017

Singing is a very important cultural tradition in the communities where Seeds for Development works, as the people communicate important messages through song. They also sing away their troubles.  We realised that we could communicate our messages via our farmers to the communities through their singing and if organised properly we could vastly expand our reach. This summer two volunteers Tim Peters and Helen Sutton will be giving singing workshops and women's health education to 680 people in our communities around Gulu and Kitgum. Our dream is to hold the first ever choir festival in northern Uganda! Find out more and see how you can help by clicking on the read more button.

Florence finds a new future

April 2017

Just a month ago eight year old Florence was living with her grandmother in Parabongo, northern Uganda. Her grandmother couldn't afford to send Florence to school and we found her at our nursery school Vision Hope.  A friend of Seeds for Development had contacted us to ask about sponsoring a child and we were so excited to suggest that she sponsors Florence to go to Mukono Boarding Primary School in the south of the country.  It might sound strange sending her far away from home, but we know that she will be very happy, quickly make friends and have a flying start - especially as Mukono Boarding Primary School is run by our wonderful Educational Advisor Susan Wamala.

In the news

January 2017

The child mothers are making headlines in the press both here in the UK and in Uganda.  This article is about Anett's story during the war and how we are helping her and the other girls rebuild their lives.

From child soldier to movie star

September 2016

A Film for Northern Uganda was commissioned by the UNDP and made by the amazing Kelly Burks and Eric Bednarski.


The powerful 45-minute documentary captures stories from some of the people terrorised by the Lord’s Resistance Army, the rebel group led by Joseph Kony. After two decades of human rights violations and wartime atrocities, the film chronicles how survivors are rebuilding Northern Uganda’s society through reconciliation efforts and cultural changes.  Starring in the film are the child mothers that we have loved and supported since 2011.

Our New School LInk

June 2016

We are so excited to share that our Vision Hope Nursery School is linked with Shalford Infant School, near Guildford in the UK.

Our head teacher James visited the school during his trip to the UK in April.

The link will be based on shared learning and experiences that will enrich the lives of the children both in Uganda and the UK.

Vision Hope School Headteacher arrives in UK!

16 April 2016

The Headteacher of our Vision Hope School, James Okumu, has arrived in the UK to meet the winners of the Parabongo Challenge schools' competition held by Design Engineer Construct!® (DEC!). On Monday 18 April, the winning team, ‘Timu Matumaini’ – Swahili for ‘Team Hope’ – from King Ecgbert School in Sheffield, together with Alison Hall, founder of Seeds for Development and James Okumu, will spend a day at the central London offices of the global engineering consultancy, Arup. A team of experienced professionals will work with 'Timu Matumaini' on their competition entry. They will talk about some of the projects they have worked on and will help them to model the school in their IT suite using the best software packages in the industry. The button below gives full details of this exciting competition.

A look back at 2015

December 2015

Seeds for Development Founder, Alison Hall, takes a look back at the ups and downs of 2015, including the quick and exciting school developments, the coffee project and the devastating impact of the Malaria outbreak in the summer.

Seeds for Development mentioned at Parliament

October 2015

On October 27th, at The Houses of Parliament, there was a debate on the work of the UK in tackling malaria and neglected tropical diseases. Pauline Latham OBE MP, talked about northern Uganda, the work of Seeds for Development and our findings during the trip in August.  Here is the link and Pauline Latham's speech starts at: 9:58:25.  Grant Shapps’s response starts at 10:45:17.

We have been told that Mr Shapps will respond to the issues raised... 


Malaria Appeal

August 2015

In July we ran an emergency campaign to combat the massive outbreak of malaria across northern Uganda. Thanks to your support, we raised £10,000. This allowed us to buy and distribute 2,000 treated mosquito nets. These nets are protecting 10,000 children. We also set up a task force, who are still travelling from home to home to educate families on the precautions they can take to prevent malaria.

On BBC radio!

March 2015

Our Founder Alison Hall was interviewed by BBC Surrey and Sussex. In this 20 minute interview she shares the story of Seeds for Development and explains how it all began and her first travelling experiences to Uganda!

Building begins at our school

February 2015

We have just received this great update from James on how the school is progressing: 


At home the building delayed because of weak supervision and management.  But all the same they are now finishing the work and registration of the kids is going on so far we have already registered 76 Nursery Kids, 35 boys and 41 girls and lots more are still coming.  We hope to reach 100+


Our major problem is now; water point for the school and latrine.  I know it I very hard but it would be better if you can alert me of any information on these two big problems.


We have recruited two good Nursery teachers and they are starting work as soon as the work on the building is finished.  They are good teachers and so willing to work with us.  Only that we need to give them enough support so that they work to their fullness.


Our next plan is now to open some two acres of land ready for planting some maize for the children in the school. I don’t know if seed for development will organize for us the seeds ready by March.  We want to do early planting so that we aim at good harvest.

A day in the life of Seeds for Development

December 2014

Here is a short video from our recent trip to Uganda.  We are visiting our amazing coffee gardens and then everything goes a bit wrong when we get stuck in the mud!  But we keep laughing... 

Work has begun on our new school

December, 2014

After several meetings with the community work on the school site has started.  The community have pulled together and are building a toilet and a temporary grass thatched building to act as the office and heart of the project.  

Our new look!

October 6th, 2014

After weeks and months of deliberating, we are now excited to have this new website for Seeds.  We really loved the old one but it was really difficult for us to go in and make changes and update photos. So we have our new fresher website here.  

New priorities

July 2014

We have advanced more than 5.6 tonnes of seeds to more than 1,600 farmers.  That's a lot!  It is impossible to have personal relationships with all of the farmers and we really value our close link to the ground and visiting the farmers to see how they are getting on and what challenges they are facing.  We have also noticed and got more concerned about how many children do not eat during the day and also the very poor hygiene and sanitation in homes and schools.  Finally, our 1,600 farmers are doing well - but that leaves hundreds of thousands of farmers who are not.  


So... what are we going to do about it?  We are going to focus on enterprise development with 6 groups (including the original farmers we met in the camps back in 2008).   We are going to work with schools on food and growing projects and we are going to develop our coffee project which you can see more about here:  www.happycoffeebean.com 

Vision Hope School

July 2014

Probably our most ambitious project ever is the building of a new sustainable school for the people of Parabong.  It is a wonderfully exciting project which everyone can be involved in.  If you have skills, knowledge, and of course money, and would like to get involved in sanitation, classrooms, gardens, sport please get in touch with us.

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